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Caving Kaninchenhöhle

Hi Batmen and Batwomen!
This day i drove alone to altaussee for visiting the kaninchenhoehle near the loser.
unfortunately martin felt not good and cliff thought, this action wouln’t be worth it 😉
first i had some problems with the icy street near the loser alm, i had to park my car beside the street, because my wheels had no grip…
but not a big problem, only some metres of altidude more – thats good for the condition training i thought…..
so i went with my gear in the foggy snowing weather to the karl stöger steig, where i lost my way sometimes…
i had only the gps coordinates and so i had to navigate with the garmin gps. it was really great to work in an alpine area with this tool. most of the time i followed the track of the chamoises. i had to cross through many worn-out shoes. therefore i cut many branches with a “fold saw”.
then the sun was coming, what a nice mood.
inside the cave it was sometimes really big rooms and corridors and sometimes very narrow too.
i used also my working cloves as a marker at the crossing points, because i didn’t want to lost my way in the cave. unfortunately the gps is not working inside a cave 😉
at 2:pm i went back to my car and had a really nice weather for hiking back.
the loser hut has got a really great panorama. wonderful.
have a nice sunday

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