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Aktivit├Ąten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Grosser Pyhrgas

Hi Speedies!
Last Evening Patrik and me we hiked (ran) up the Gr. Pyhrgas in Spital/Pyhrn.
We needed only 1.5hrs to the Starting place before the mountain top, because we wanted to fly as soon as possible with our speedflyer.
Unfortunately there was a lot of fog around the mountain top.
shit. we waited one hour and then we said, lets go down because we won’t fly through clouds or fog zone.
but 200m’s downwards we saw that the clouds were blown upwards so we went back and would try to start.
We were lucky to start with a little bit of side wind.
patrik didn’t need any step forward, because the upwind was so strong. what a good power start!
You can imagine our feeling while flying downwards at this amazing clouds and sky ambience.
Thx for the nice evening tour.
cya on the mountains and i wish you a nice holiday.
i will go for one or two weeks to switzerland for hiking and speedflying.

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