Leben Was Geht

Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Kitesurfing Podersdorf

July 18th, 2010

Hi Dudes!
This day patrik and me we drove to podersdorf for surfing a nice storm.
we had up to 42knots gusty wind.
not so easy conditions but with the 7m² kite no problem…. 😉
what a great day!
now my body needs some recovery days.
have a nice week

Caving Eislueg

July 18th, 2010

Hi Caveseekers!
Last day, i walked with two friends to the eislueg in hinterstoder for visiting the icecave eislueg!
first we had to hike up 850 metres of altitude with all our equipment. and that was a lot to carry…
from the entrance of the cave there came a lot of cold wind out of it.
than we had to put on our crampon. we had to avseil down 60m to the icelake. first i thought, we had no chance to cross the lake but i throwed a stone we saw, that under 5cm of clear water, there is good ice..
so we were lucky to cross the lake and then there were nice ice formations in the hall. look at the pictures.
we climbed further inside the cave and abseil down 25m into a slot.
on the other side we climbed up a 30 years old wood ladder. some scion were destroyed. then we climbed further inside the cave and ende after 2 ladders, because we had to be back at 6pm. that was our alarm time – you know.
we climbed back to the 25m slot.
then we had some little orientation problems because we needed 3 attempts to find the correct way back to the ice hall. every time we ended at the 25m slot. crazy. the way back looks so different then the way in.
but we were lucky to manage this problem too.
we came out at 5pm from the cave and unfortunately we got a nice welcome with thunderstorm and some rain.
but we get used to it after a while and ended at 7pm in hinterstoder.
thx for the nice day.