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Speedflying Gr. Pyhrgas (5000m Walk&Fly)

Hi sportaddicted people!
This day Patrik and me we drove to Spital/Pyhrn and did 3 times the Grosser Pyhrgas from the Valley to the mountain top.
Thats 5000m’s of altitude difference of walking up. So in Austria we have such high mountain! Crazy, isn’t it.
We started at 6:30am and ended 12 hours later.
The first walk Andi hiked up with us and his paraglider. therefore we needed 3:10. Unfortunately the mountain top was covered with some fog.
But Patrik and me we used a small window between the clouds and ran down and fly down. There was such nice light athmosphere.
For the second walk we needed 02:40 from the valley to the top.
The mountain top was covered too but when we arrived we brought such good vibrations and suddenly the fog dissolved.
The second flight was with a little bit thermal wind. near the valley i had nearly a crash with a golden eagle. this bird passed me 5m beside me. i hope the birds get used to us speedflyer… 😉
Then Patrik and me we walked up a third time and we needed 2:55 to the top. So at this day we hiked 5000m of height difference. anyone who can beat this, i will pay him a beer ;))
Follow the green way!!
At the mountain top we had a lot of sun. Look at the pictures we saw an opitcal phenomenon called “Brocken Spectre” (Brockengespenst) – in our case with a ring glory. amazing!
at 18:20 we flew our last time to spital.
The flight was amazing too.
Thx a lot for this wonderful tour.
So speedflying will change your life!
Try this shit.
Cya on the mountains

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  1. Lampi says:

    we saw something like a rainbow on the clouds in front of us… anyone know’s what’s that?

    Yeah, that’s a opitcal phenomenon called “Brocken Spectre” (Brockengespenst) – in your case with a ring glory

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