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Walk and Fly Kleiner Priel

Hi mountaineers and parchute addicted people!
this day we (andi and me) drove to hinterstoder and hiked up with our parachute to the kleiner priel to 2136m above sealevel in 3:45 hrs.
What a hot and nice day.
We had some northerly wind and we startet to south, but it was no problem beside some rotor near the ridge.
i saw the spitzmauer and the grosser priel from a different view than normal! what a nice 31min. flight full of thermal action.
at the landing there was strong valley wind. take care of this wind!!
someone was not lucky and landed in the tree.
thanks for the great day!
cya on the mountains or in the air…
have a nice evening!

3 responses to “Walk and Fly Kleiner Priel”

  1. Lampi says:

    Servas Bernhard,

    dein Flugkollege kommt mir bekannt vor? Hatt der heuer in Ternberg nicht schon ein paar mal Baumkontakt?


  2. admin says:

    servus lampi!
    ja den andi kennt ein jeder 😉

  3. Vielen Dank für die wunderbaren gut kurze Artikel hier zu sein.

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