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Speed Flying Hoher Nock (1963m)

Hi extreme downsized adrenaline speedflyers.
This day patrick and me we drove to windischgarsten for speedflying the the hoher nock (1963m).
We hiked up in 2:30 hours. On the mountain top there was a good southerly wind.
we unpacked our new speed glider – the spitfire 11m² from swing. our new baby 😉
We did some downsizing from the speed glider which was really essential because we also want to fly when there is strong southerly wind.
we were this year at lest 10 time in the mountains when there was too much wind for our gin yak speed glider.

the spitfire glider was really easy to start because of the strong wind.
then we needed only two steps and we flew downwards the first time with our new glider. what a great feeling the dive! Love is in the air…. 😉
we played it safe because of the maiden flight with the spitfire and of the first flight from the hoher nock!
what a big difference to our bigger sized glider the gin yak. pff
you can imagine our smiling face after this session.
thx for this great day!
cya on the mountains

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  1. andi h says:

    schaut sehr flott aus!

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