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Speed Riding Hoher Nock (1963m)

Hi extreme christ childs!
This day Summit Surfer Patrick and me (Bernhard) we drove to Windischgarsten for Speed riding the Hoher Nock (1963m)
We had a nice ski mountaineering tour up to the top of the Hoher Nock. The southerly Foen was quite strong at the mountain top. the wind speed was about 60km/h. launching our speedglider with ski was too dangerous so we decided to drive down to the left channel. there we were able to start our swing spitfire 11m² speedglider. the flight was quite wobbleing because of the Fön. But we were happy that we didn’t need to ski down the rest because of the warm and wet snow.
Nevertheless it was a great day again!
I wish you Merry Christmas!
Cya Bernhard

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  1. Kothi says:

    coole sache, vor allem der start mit den skiern sieht klasse aus! restepe!

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