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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speed Riding Loser (Altaussee)

Hi adrenaline addicted soulflyers!
This day we Patrick, Harry, Phillipp and me we drove to Altaussee for speed riding.

We were lucky to get up three times with our car to the loser alm restaurant.
Many people hiked up with their ski montaineering equipment to the loser, we drove with the car to the top. that must be a strange feeling when you want to do a ski mountaineering tour in “the nature” and suddenly a blue car is coming and passing with crazy speed riders. thx guys for jumping to the side 😉

we only had to hike up with our skis from the loser alm to the starting point because of south easterly wind.
what a wonderful launching place there. we found a nice line down to altaussee! watch the video…
thx for the nice day to all of you guys!
cya on the mountains

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