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Mountaineering Hochtor Josefinensteig

September 19th, 2009

Hi Mountain Addicts!
Last two days i went with my former working collegues from Engel St. Valentin to the Gesäuse.
Two years ago our plan was to climb the hochtor. unfortunately there was too much snow at september….
this year we had a little bit more luck. 😉
yesterday we went over the wasserfallweg from gstatterboden to the hesshütte.
we had there good dinner and some beers and some “medicine”.
We were lucky that the hut was not busy as on normal weekend day. so we had our own communal bunks were i could sleep very good. normally i can’t sleep really good in an overcrowded hut because the bad air and the nervous guest at least 4 am…
i think a reason why i could sleep very well was the good and well tested hesshüttn -bräu beer 😉
so in the morning after the good breakfast we started at half past 8 to the hochtor on the josefinensteig. the mountain top was in clouds but the wind was strong so we hoped to get rid of the clouds. the difficult climbing was not a big problem for us more or less well experienced mountaineers. some group members felt a bit scary how they would manage to go down on the same way… 😉
when we reached the ridge johannes w. got a dizzy spell. so he waited there and enjoyed the nice view to the buchstein. from now on we had to walk and climb in the cold windy clouds. brrr.
at 10 to 11 we reached the mountain top of the hochtor (2369m), we could see only clouds. aufreiter thomas was lucky to see the gr. buchstein for 3 seconds. then the clouds has covered again the mountain top – aaaa what a fu**.
meanwhile we enjoyed our lunchtime at a bivouac place. thx for the lunch and cereal bars 😉
lunchtime on a summit is one of the best things to do….
so after 30 minutes we started the same way down to the hesshütte.
it was not a big problem for us to climb down the josefinensteig. after a drink at the hut we decided to go downwards the wasserfallweg to save some time… but it was not so easy to climb down with our old overstressed knees. so i could not suggest for future to climb down after such a tour the wasserfallweg. nevertheless we reached the gstatterboden parking lot and we were happy to managed the hochtor without any accidence 😉
thx for the nice tour! it was a pleasure for me to climb with a motivated and funny group in the gesäuse alps.
cya in the winter time