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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Snowkiting Bad Leonfelden

hi railey wannabees!
this day neppi, patrik and me we drove to bad leonfelden in the beautiful mühlviertel for snowkiting.
we had northwesterly wind up to 30 knots. that meaned for us, a 12m² session with our north and jn kites.
we tried raileys, unhooked backrolls and many high jumps – muhaaaa
then a local dog joined us. he ran beside our snowkite and we had a lot of fun with this nice animal! he had a lot of conditon – respect!
we had also some nice slams this day – look for some slam pics….
after our long snowkite session we went to kastner for some delicious gingerbread, other cookies and coffe. thats the way….
have a nice weeekend and see you on the water as soon as possible 😉

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