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Scuba diving Enns in Kastenreith

October 17th, 2010

Hi extreme relaxing divers 😉
Yesterday Aichinger Thomas from Unterwasserfoto.at and me we drove to kastenreith near weyer and did a 40min’s dive in the 8°C cold enns river.
The spot there is really exciting because of some old war relicts what you can find unterwater! we could find an old lorry and some explosive bodys and the rest of a rifle and many other nice rock canyons and some fishes.
Have a look to the video!
After the diving i had to jump from the bridge for getting some adrenaline shot 😉
thx for the great relaxing scuba dive.
you can imagine that we had to drink some electrolyte to fill up our dehydrated body…
cya on the water or in the air – depends on the weather conditions!