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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Ski Mountaineering – Scheiblingstein (2197m)

hi extreme spring snow skiers!
this day rainer, robert, marlene and me we drove to hall and hiked up above the lange gasse to the scheiblingstein. we were happy about the cloudy weather. otherwise the snow would have been worse. robert and me managed to reach the summit in cloudy conditions, but after a while the clouds clear away. there was wrong wind (northern wind) so i was not able to start my speedglider. but so i could practise my skiing. i felt really good and the snow conditions was quit good. yihaaaaaaaaaa ;))) what a feeling to ride down with my therapist rainer who took care the last half year after my accident. thanks for the great service!!
at the chalet we had our chilling time and the last ride was no problem anymore. thanks for this great tour with wonderful people!!
have a nice week.

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