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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Tandem Walk and Fly Schafberg (1782m)

Hi extreme summer retreatment people.
Last weekend Summitsurfer Patrick and I hiked up to the Schafberg from the Fürberg beach in st. gilgen.
we needed 3 hours with our big mama.
the view from the top of the schafberg was so amazing.
the paragliders philipp and jens joined us at the top. they drove up with the schafbergbahn.
We visited the mountain mass “Schafbergmesse” at 11am and at midday we couldn’t wait anymore and patrick and i started the big mama (tandem parachute) and flew to sankt gilgen.
we were not happy to exaggerate the mountain top but had a really great flight with our buddys.
Then we hiked of the falkenstein back to the fürberg were we did a relaxing swimming.
but after a while we moved to sankt gilgen and drove up with the 12er Horn to the 12er Horn (1522m).
Patrick and i did a nice Zero wind start with the big mama glider and finally enjoyed a 30 minutes flight in this amazing stunning area.
thanks for this wonderfull weekend and cya at the beach…

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