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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Grosser Priel (2515m)

Hi extreme golden autumn lovers!
yesterday marlene, franz and me drove to hinterstoder and hiked up to the prielschutzhaus.
we had a nice dinner and we slept really good.
this day we had 18°C outside temperature in the morning.
it was so warm….
we hiked up on the normal route to the grosser priel.
at 11:30 we reached the summit and enjoyed a great view even to the grosser venediger! it was amazing!
then we hiked downwards to the brotfallscharte.
i hiked up to my launching place and flew with my speedglider swing spitfire 11 down to the polsterstüberl!
thanks for this great flight and great time.
cya on the hot mountains.

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