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Shorttrip with friends in Romania

Hi extreme want to know where the surprise weekend will get travellers!
Last weekend the vfek headquarter went on a short trip to romania.
this surprise tripe organised daniel, the others didn’t know where the trip will head on.
so it was very funny.
unfortunately a other trip member failed to get to the meeting point so we were only five people.
we flew to bucarest and with the train we drove to constanta on the black sea.
we slept at the eol777 hostel in constanta, which was very simple but a nice location to visit the city.
we had a great dinner in a fish restaurant at the harbour.
after some cocktails we eneded in our great rooms.
next day we did some walking through the city and to the beach. the beach was great for swimming and not so cold as i thought 😉
after a great afternoon we drove with the train back to constanta.
we did not do the same fault , when we didn’t bought any drinks and food for this long train trip.
there were no restaurant waggon on the romanian train.
but on this train trip back we wery fully equipped the the essential stuff 😉
back at bucarest we checked in into our hostel and enjoyed the nightlife in this great city.
it’s also called the paris of the eastern.
on saturday we did 2 hours of paintball in the afternoon and then we drove back for jumping into nightlife again.
on sunday we got up and after breakfast we drove back to the airport.
thanks for this great vfek surprise holiday.
we had lot of fun in an amazing area.
a nice country to visit to overcome prejudices..
cya in tome the next weekend

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