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Ski Mountaineering Gsuchkar Lugauer Hüpfinger Hals

Hi extreme half marthon skitouring people!
yesterday oliver, alex and christian and i drove to johnsbach and hiked with our skis to the gsuchmauer, 100m under the summit we skied down the gsuchkar and then we hiked up to the lugauer presummit.
what a strong foen wind.
nevertheless we had a great 600ms height skiing.
one moment i cried because i hit with my new ski the f***ing stone. aaa
but then the snow got better and better because of the sun.
then we hiked to the hüpfinger hals where had sunny conditions again and finnaly skied downwards to the car.
after 22km’s and over 2100m of altidude height we were happy to enjoy our meal of the day and some good drinks.
cya on the mountains

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