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Speedflying Herndleck

May 13th, 2010

Hi Speedjunkies!
after a long time of not writing any posts on my site because i was doing a parachute course at the paraglyding school in ternberg with poscher hans and we opened our climbing school (Kletterkompetenzzentrum Camp Sibley) and doing some underwater works for the cablepark ausee, i have time to write this day.
first of all we had a very interesting and funny parachute training and i can recommend everyone to to a paraglyding course at ternberg. this is the best paraglyding school in austria!

unfortunately speedflying is not really legal so far, we bought such small stuff – a gin yak 16.5m² – that’s really hot!
the weight with the harness is about 3kg and it makes a lot fun!

This day Patrick and me we drove to ternberg for speedflying at the herndleck.
we hiked up to the top of the herndleck at 1026metres above sealevel.
there was some slope wind not much, but ok for starting. so we flew 3 times to the grassland before the rocks.
what a great rush and surge of adrenaline!

at the last time we had some following wind. so the landing was a little bit faster. nevertheless that was not a big problem for us with good landing technics like sliding on the wet grassland.
the cows there jumped away when they saw us – funny guys.

the next time when we have better slope wind we fly down to the landing near the enns.
life is so beautiful! feel the free spirit!
cya in ternberg for paragliding or speedflying