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Via Ferrata Giovanni Lipella at Tofana di Rozes

On Saturday we left Lago di Santa Croce and we drove to Cortina d’ Ampezzo to hike up some “real” mountains ;))
We started at the Refugio A. Dibona and wanted to climb the Via Ferrata Giovannni Lipella at the Tofana di Rozes.
First you have to climb in a gallery in the mountain.
unfortunately the gallery was full of ice! we thought we can save some weight and had left our crampon in the car. you can imagine the hard action inside the 800m’s of ice gallery.
nevertheless we managed this problem and we had to walk a little bit horziontally to beginning of the via ferrata giovanni lipella. what a name 😉
the via ferrata was really nice with some great views and some waterfalls.
in the middle we reached a passage where the tour was full in ice and we stopped here the tour. after a lunch break harry and patrik climbed up on some bands to the mountain top. i felt not really good because of the strong sun so i climbed down the via ferrata and walked around the area and visited the stunning galleries which were built for the first world war.
patrik and harry flew down to cortina and did there first 2000 metres flight.
in the evening we met mario and robert from guglhupf climbing.
we slept beside the refugio A. Dibona.

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