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Speedflying Tofana di Rozes

On Sunday we hiked up on the normal route to the Tofana di Rozes.
we managed it with a hard 3:24 hours tour walking in the deep and steep and wet snow.
the mountain top is at 3225 metres above sealevel.
we had to be fast because a big cloud was coming in our direction…
we managed this start very good and harry had some really good upwind conditions inside the clouds. there is very grey 😉
we flew down to cortina d’ ampezzo and so i had also my first 2000m flight.
then we drove back home and saw the “drei zinnen” and then we drove to the großglockner hochalpenstrasse.
we did there also 2 flights but there i don’t show some pics because thats not allowed according the gamekeeper.
nevertheless we get addicted into this sport speedflying.
cya on the mountains and thx for this really nice weekend.

2 responses to “Speedflying Tofana di Rozes”

  1. franz says:

    hello bernhard,
    i finally got the chance to go online, but please understand, its just tooooo nice to sit behind a computer! I’m really impressed of your speed flying activities and this time you even took the camera with you! So a blosfiassiger Moasviertler get a little insight of this adrenaline pushing activity. By the way, great shots of the city too…
    This week was so far quite crazy but hopefully we got for a cup of coffee soon!
    And please keep in mind, you have to bring the cups!
    BR Franz

  2. bernhard says:

    fi franz!
    good coffee and action is the way i do!
    smooth criminal!
    have a nice weekend at some poltereien or wedding parties 😉
    cya bernhard

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