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Caving Schwarzmooskogeleishoehle

Hi Cave Seekers!
Yesterday, Mathias, Jonathan and me we drove to Altausee to the Loser for Caving the Schwarzmooskogeleishöhle.
We slept near the Car outside with our sleeping bag. What a wonderful clear stars night.
This day we stood up early in the morning and walkd 1:45 hrs to the entrance Elefanteneingang from the Schwarmooskogeleishöhle.
We had a nice narrow entrance into this wonderful cave.
After some ice climbing we went to the schneevulkanhalle. thats the bigged ice hall from europe. what a big delay.
Then we were happy to had a really great phenomen.
between 10:40 and about 11:00 the sunlight came into the hall over the elefanteneingang and we needed no lamp for this big cave.
What a nice mood.
Then we walked little bit further an icewall upwards and than little bit downwards until there was too much water, where you need some neopren suit to cross this passage.
at 2pm we walked back to the car.
Then i ran up to the Loser and had some really great speedflying down to altaussee.
Thx for this great weekend.
Autumn can be so fine.
Cya on the mountains

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