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Kitesurfing Neusiedler See

Hi surf addicted Storm chasers!
This weekend, Felix, Led and me we drove to Neusiedl on the Neusiedler See for surfing the Southerly wind (storm)
this day we had up to 30kn’s and nice waves. the jumps got really high! now the season gets really started. cool surf crowd there in austria!
thx for the great martini gansl surfing weekend in neusiedl!
Hang Loose

3 responses to “Kitesurfing Neusiedler See”

  1. karen b. says:

    congratulations-you did really well and the pics are great. But who is the lousy windsurfer next to you? Better you leave him home next time.

    Greetings from Gleink

  2. admin says:

    hi dude!
    fetsch you are the best photgrapher! thx for the fine session!
    the lousy windsurfer ist one and ONLY fetsch! big upp!! 😉

  3. sid says:

    Greetings from Maldives,I welcome you to come to my country to take some pictures,My country consist of 2000 small islands,

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