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Caving Kaninchenhoehle

Hi extreme Cave seekers!
Yesterday Martin, Joachim, Christoph, Gregor and me we drove to Altausee to the Loser for exploring the Kaninchenhoehle. first i had to cow the car from christoph because his car ran out of gasoline. that was a good start to wake up in the morning (5am). but with our ropes in the trunk we were possible to reach the next gas station with a speed of 60km/h 😉 …
We needed one and a half hour to the entrance from the parking lot. we took the 161d entrance which is not so easy to reach because of the mountain pine zone(its only 3metres to go! 😉
30m’s after the entrance we saw a black bat hang around on the side wall in mothshag. we could not identify it because we are not really big bat men…
then we had to climb and crawl very narrow gangways and we had to take care of the muddy stone blocks when we crossed them. so one fault and you will have big problems for sure!

we saw here really amazing stalgtites curtains – wonderful! nevertheless we reached then our goal for this day the knossos chamber which is a really great hall inside this cave with 50ms diameter. we had to abseil to this hall in a 20m pitch. there was one really great looking but very dangerous wedge block which will fall downwards in the direction where we had to abseil. we recognized this when we had to climb up this back.
we did some nice photos at the star wars section and then we went to the waterfall chamber where my digicam suddenly fallen down 8m because it was on a steep and narrow place. we climbed down beside the big block and could only grab the destroyed digicam. Shit happens! bette the camera got destroyed than me. but that was a good sign too to get a new camera 😉
we walked 1100m inside the cave on direction -thats far for a one day trip!

so we went back to the entrance and reached the entrance at 4pm. that was important to reach the karl stöger steig in the daylight otherwise we could have get really big orientation problems in the mountain pine zone… at 7pm we reached the parking lot at the loser alm one of us suffered from a hypocylycaemic episode. but with a power gel and some apples we managed this problem too. at the parking lot we drank the most important beer forever…;)
so thanks a lot for this great weekend. it was a pleasure to walk in such beautiful nature with well committed people. big up!
cya on the mountains bernhard

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