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Speed Flying Spitzkofel (2717m)

hi dolomiten man wanna be’s 😉
yesterday patrick and me we hiked to the spitzkofel at 2717m in lienz.
this is the running route for the red bull dolomiten mann to the kuhbodentörl. the best time is about 1:23.
we needed for our first time with the weight of our speedgliders 3:00. so there is some difference to the best 😉
but we very lucky to be at the mountain top of the spitzkofel at about 5pm without any rain. there was an amazing view.
unfortunately there was northernly wind so we had to go downwards to the beginning of the fixed iron rope route. there we found a good starting place for our speedglider which is the starting place for the paragliders at the redbull dolomiten mann.
with our swing spitfire 11m² we fly downwards in really short time with a lot of fun and great impressions.
thx for this great mountain tour.
cya on the mountains

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