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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Bridge Swinging at the Steyrdurchbruch

September 20th, 2009

Helllllloooooooooooo Adrenalin Junkies!
This was the day of the month! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazinnnnnnnnngggggg!
i went bridge swinging the first time with suanne, joachim, uli, harry, heike and julia to the steyrdurchbruch bridge.
you can imagine, 25m of radius, nearly 15m free fall and a lot of ropes for safety ;))
look at the pictures and if you are willing to do it, let’s try tomorrow 😉 – No: I cann’t recommend this for unexperienced persons – so don’t be silly and try this by yourself! really! because our first person has reached some shrubs!!! because of a false length of the rope for pulling up the jump rope…
i was one of the last person who jumped, so we got a little routine into it. but it was so scary to did the step forward into nothing. aaaaa your brain will say what the fuck i am doing here!!!
my pulse was around 180 pulsation cycles per minute. i managed to do the step and then i had a free fall for 15m with a distance from 1.5m beside the rock wall. i got such a adrenergic feeling! after a while i felt the safety rope and then i had the swing action over the canyon. what a feeling!
thx for this great experience. austria is the place to be!
be there or be square 😉
i wish you a nice week

Floodlight climbing at the Camp Sibley

September 15th, 2009

This evening we did a Floodlight climbing Session ath the Camp Sibley in Laussa.
What a fine evening with warm temperatures climbing outside and a good bbq.
beside one sausage pako had stolen from my luggage it was a fine smooth climbing session at the evening.
next coming tuesdays we will try to organise it as well, if the weather is ok 😉

Flying Fox in Windischgarsten – Magic Sun

August 24th, 2009

Hi Adrenalinjunkies!
This day a group from steyr and me (bernhard gruber), we drove to rosenau near windischgarsten and we visited the flying fox arena at the höllgraben. our tourguide was gerald kammerhuber from the company outdoorfriends. the tour is called the magic sun.
so we rent only the tandem speed pulley the hip belt and a helmet – i did this tour barefoot. so special freaks won’t need any special shoes 😉
we had a small way to the start of the action. we had to walk on a fixed rope route to the different flying foxes. that is a cable way where you are fixed with the harness and a pulley to the steel cable.
the longest flying fox was 180m’s long – yippie yippe yeah!
then you cross the canyon with a nice speed. really great feeling and nice views.
you will get good adrenalin for sure!

Klettersteig Skywalk Dachstein

August 19th, 2009

This day, me (Bernhard Gruber) Phillipp Hochwallner and Franz B. we drove to Ramsau. at the bottom of the hunerkogelbahn franz noticed that he forgot his climbing shoes at his car. what a ****.
so we drove down to ski willy and he bought some new boots. we drove to the mountain station with the cable lift and went down some metres of the hunerkogelscharte, then we climbed the Skywalk Klettersteig. The difficulty grade is E and it has 140 metres of height…
it is a really fascinating klettersteig. woww.
then we crossed the glacier and climbed up the east ridge to the dachstein top. wonderful view. thx for the nice day….

Climbing in Gesäuse – Gummikiller

July 3rd, 2009

This Day Harry and i, we tried to climb the Gummikiller at Kleiner Ödstein.
We started at 5:15 near the Köblwirt (We did a camping overnight there) and we were at the start of the climbing about 7:30. We had beautiful warm weather – no clouds.
There was a big gap between the snow and the rocks. that was really tricky!
Then we did 11 pitches of really fantastic climbing at water eroded rocks.
Harry was in a very good condition and he did the difficult pitches.
Suddenly there came some clouds with raining and some thunderstorm. so we decided to abseil down back on the route what we climbed up.
At 15:15 we went back to the car. Then we visited the alpinist cemetery in johnsbach and then we climbed the fixed rope route in johnsbach near the tunnel.

Climbing at Pfenningstein in Losenstein

July 1st, 2009

This Day, Harry and I, we did some nice climbings at the pfenningstein in losenstein (upperaustria).
The routes were restored last year.
What a nice feeling, i can recommend this solid rock – woww!
it is also good to get in good condition for alpine climbing.
Here are the Topos: Topo Pfenningstein Südwand and Topo Pfenningstein Ostwand.
Thats why we came here for training. On the weekend we want to visit the gesäuse mountains!!
After climbing we had a bath in the stiedelsbach and then we went to the gasthaus blasl for some beer. ooooh….

Fixed Rope Route – Der Johann (Dachstein)

June 19th, 2009

Hi, on Wednesday morning Phil, Franz and me we drove to Ramsau am Dachstein.
At half past 7 we started from the base station to the dachsteinsüdwandhütte, therefore we filled up our water bottles.
after the hut we saw an alpine marmot, it looked very tired, because it waked up after hibernation (winter sleep) i think ;))

then we had a little orientation problem to find the right way up because there were a lot of snow.
but on the snowfield a saw a red point, so we were lucky to get the right way very fast.
a guy after us this day had to go back to the dachsteinsüdwandhütte to ask for the right way…
there was really great rocks there, we walked between water falls and snowfields. the snowfields got steeper, so franz decided to take on his crampon.
Meanwhile phil lost his helmet, it falled down into a snow gap, so in the summer time you can find there a nice helmet.
At half past ten we arrived the beginning of the “johann klettersteig“.

at the beginning there was a overhang for about 5m, very nice, then the rocks got wet and slippery. franz went off because of some false cereal bar he told us.
phil and i we thought we have to call the mountain rescue service if it is getting worse.
but we did a break for 20 minutes and we cajoled franz into doing further and further.
our advantage was 16 hours of daylight and that we started very early. the last cable car went down at 17:10 – so we had plenty of time. franz trembled with coldness , but i think he trembled with fear, because that was the first time on such a “big wall”.
after this break franz became acquainted with the exposed climbing, and we had a really nice climbing from now on – what a big difference then before.

so we passed some nice water rills then the hard crossing and the plain wall.
the crazy thing was , at the hardest point of the tour we had a discussion about the job situation – so franz felt really ok.
what nice great views downwards.
at some passages the fixed rope were under snow, so we had to take care, but the snow was very soft.
after a while we arrived the “göttertrohn” , that is a exposed rock – great!
then we did the exit ramp, the wall there was about 300 metres height.
we saw a lot of snow cornice at the top. i hoped that we didn’t have to digg through this snow ;))
but that was no problem, we arrived the seethaler hütte at half past two.

so we felt very happy and filled up our lost energy with some wheat beer and goulash. at the evening everyone had to fart a lot, because of the goulash, but it tasted really good after such hard strenuousness – you know.
at the hut we became acquainted with gretl steiner – thats the daugther from the famous franz steiner who did together with his brother the “steiner weg” to the top of the “dachsteinsüdwand”. she is a great singer and yodeling artist. she was here for doing some tv recording set.

we decided not to go to the top because of the warm weather, we sank a lot into the snow on the way back to the top of the dachsteinsüdwandbahn. we visited the “Dachstein Eispalast” which was very fascinating. at 17:10 we went down with the last cable car, what a nice view back to the southwall.
it was a great day again.