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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speed Riding Krippenstein (2108m)

March 30th, 2011

Hi extreme gravity seekers!
This day, Christopher, Marco an me we drove to Obertraun for Speedflying and Speedriding the krippenstein.
We had a great day with a lot of height for rolls and so on 😉
My fastest run was 2:40″ for 1600m of height.
Chris did with Marco an Tandem flight and over the Hallstättersee Chris jumped from the Tandem and pulled his base rig after 2 seconds of delay for the first time.
I could hear the loud crow over the entire lake ;))
thx for the great day!
cya on the mountains or in the air

Speed Flying Kleiner Priel (2136m)

March 12th, 2011

hi extreme foen addicted mountaineers!
this saturday summit surfer patrick and me we drove to hinterstoder for hiking up the kleiner priel (2136m) two times!
the first flight with the speed glider spitfire 11m² was really deep in the forest lane. great mountain view and nice southerly wind.
after a long break we hiked up a second time! the wind was stronger but we could start our speedglider easy. the second flight was very tubulent so we only did a safety flight.
you can imagine the cappuccino and the Malakoff tart tastes really great at the cafe gollner 😉
cya on the stormy lake

Speed Flying Bischling (1834m)

March 6th, 2011

Hi extreme sunny mountain lovers!
Yesterday the summitsurfer team patrick, bernhard and tom drove to werfenweng for a speedflying session at the bischling.
We flew a really great line and did 19 flights with our speedglider swing spitfire 11m².
our aim was to get deeper and deeper into the line…. look at the video and enjoy our day.
i can recommend this nice flight area in werfenweng!
there are nice friendly paragliding pilots and its an amazing mountain area!
thx for this really great day!
cya at the mountains

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

February 26th, 2011

Hi extreme Afterwork mountaineers!
yesterday summit surfer patrick and me and christian we drove to spital and hiked up in 2:50hrs to the grosser pyhrgas without skies.
we had strong northerly wind and a great view around the summit.
patrick and me we flew the swing spitfire 11m² and christian flew the independence draco 16m².
thx for this great afternoon session on the best flight mountain in austria 😉
cya bernhard

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

January 16th, 2011

Life must go on.
So after the tragic accident from our friend hari ten days before, we (patrick and me) decided to go to the mountains again.
we drove to spital for hiking up to the grosser pyhrgas (2244m).
what a nice day with nearly no wind. we had really good visibility and we could see one hot-air balloon.
we arrived at midday and there we had some break. then we did our first speed fly session. i flew with the gin yak 16.5m² and patrick with the swing spitfire 11m².
it was a really easy flight with landing in the village near the church.
thx for this nice mountaineering and flying day.
Here you can read a good article about speed riding warnings.
cya in the mountains

Speed Flying Hoher Nock (1963m)

December 8th, 2010

Hi extreme downsized adrenaline speedflyers.
This day patrick and me we drove to windischgarsten for speedflying the the hoher nock (1963m).
We hiked up in 2:30 hours. On the mountain top there was a good southerly wind.
we unpacked our new speed glider – the spitfire 11m² from swing. our new baby 😉
We did some downsizing from the speed glider which was really essential because we also want to fly when there is strong southerly wind.
we were this year at lest 10 time in the mountains when there was too much wind for our gin yak speed glider.

the spitfire glider was really easy to start because of the strong wind.
then we needed only two steps and we flew downwards the first time with our new glider. what a great feeling the dive! Love is in the air…. 😉
we played it safe because of the maiden flight with the spitfire and of the first flight from the hoher nock!
what a big difference to our bigger sized glider the gin yak. pff
you can imagine our smiling face after this session.
thx for this great day!
cya on the mountains

Speedflying Grimming (2351m)

November 29th, 2010

Hi winter walk and fly addicts!
Because of bad weather on sunday in carinthia we decided to go further north and saw the beautiful grimming near trautenfels.
so we hiked up until the fixed rope. at this point you will need the crampon. it began also to snowing so it was a good decision to fly downwards. we found a nice starting point in the deep and steep snow! harry sank until his hip sometimes because of so much snow there! great! but we had no skis so we had to run in the deep snow and start our speedflyer which was not a problem. the flight was short but we had a good feeling after yesterdays speedriding session with daniel at the mölltaler glacier.
thx for this great winter weekend!
austria is so beautiful, in the winter season too.
have a nice week

Speedflying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

November 13th, 2010

Hi foen addicted Speedflyer!
This day Patrick, Harry and me we drove to Spital and we hiked up in a really warm weather(föhn) to the grosser pyhrgas (2244m)
Patrick did the start at the west starting zone, but that was really tricky.
harry and me we looked for another starting zone because the southerly wind was getting stronger.
we found a nice cliff where we only had to run 1 step and we flew. crazy!
it was possible to do some soaring near the rocks because of the strong and really constand southerly wind – wonderful!
Then i had to spiral to get down – muhaaaa.
Thx for this nice day in the alps after 2 weeks of not flying…
Cya on the mountains

Speedflying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

October 22nd, 2010

Hi wintersport addicted Mountaineers!
This day Patrick and me we drove to Spital to the bosruckhütte and then we hiked up in the wonderful winter scenery to the grosser pyhrgas (2244m)
We had a really nice run downwards to our new landing zone!
Snow is coming baby’s!
Cya on the Water or mountains let’s see..

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

October 16th, 2010

Hi fog addicted Speed Junkies!
Last Thursday Patrik and me we drove to Spital am Pyhrn and hiked up to the Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m above sealevel).
In the valley there was a lot of clouds to see, but when we arrived aboud 1800m height we had a really amazing view over the bottom clouds. What a nice evening.
Then we thought twice if we should fly thru the fog. We came to the point that the fog has only 200m’s of height so: Beat it!
By the way, such no visibility flights are forbidden!! so don’t try this at home baby’s!
Look to the video, then you can imagine the great flight.
Thx for the wonderful nice autumn evening!
Cya on the mountains