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Speedflying Gr. Pyhrgas

hi hike and fly addicts.
This day was the day of the weekend.
patrik, harry and me we drove to spital / pyhrn for speedflying.
we hiked up to the grosser pyhrgas that has a height of 2244m above sealevel.
after 2 hours of walking we had some “good” northwesterly wind.
we found some starting place.
we ran down and after 2 steps we fly away. what an amazing feeling when you have so much air under you….. brrrrrr – no words to explain.
we did a machine gun start with about 20 seconds between each speedflyer.
it was a nice flight with 1604metres of altidude difference and it took us 11minutes.
thx for harry who showed us the speedflying and gave us the essential safety feeling and motivation.
then patrik and me we said let’s do it a second time. so we hiked up again to the mountain top of the grosser pyhrgas and had some low up wind at the top.
i reached a really good upwind in the middle of the valley. near me there was also one cloud. you can imagine the really nice upwind. i had really hard work to manage the different wind situations. i flow up with my speedflyer gin yak 16.5m² to the cloud above me.
than patrik landed so i did some steep turns downwards and i landed after 32minutes. it would have been possible to extend the flight for an hours or more for sure. crazy thermal lift…..
you can imagine our happy face and our body was full of body internal drugs like adrenaline and endorphine.
thx for this really nice day and weekend.
have a nice week

One response to “Speedflying Gr. Pyhrgas”

  1. Lampi says:

    Fetter Respekt!
    Bei dem Nordwind und mit dieser Ausrüstung vom Pyhrgas zu fliegen erfordert sicher viel Courage (hoffentlich nicht Naivität?).

    Pyhrgas war auch mein erster “richtiger” Walk & Fly – Hügel im letzten Jahr. Nur ich bevorzuge die Variante mit 28m²-Schirm, richtigem Gurtzeug und RETTUNGSSCHIRM(!!)

    Vlt. sieht man sich mal am Berg oder in der Luft?

    lg, Michael

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