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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Zwölferkogel

Hi Speedjunkies!
This day harry, patrick and me (bernhard) we went to Grünau im Almtal and hiked up on the Grießkarsteig to the Zwölferkogel (2099metres above sealevel).
The whole tour we had foggy weather, but the weatherforecast announced better weather. so we remain defiant and motivated each other, actually we had so much motivation to climb up to the mountain top also at shitty weather and wait until we get some cloud window and good wind to start.
at 4:30pm we were lucky to get better condition and we saw the first time from the top to the almsee.
so we had to be fast. harry was the first who want to launch his speedflyer swoop mountain 16m² from nervoures .
he needed some help from us, so patrik and me we held the ends of the speedflyer so it was not possible to get dangled on the sharp stones. harry did 2 motivated steps on the deep and steep rocks and flew away.
respect!!!! big up.
he had a really nice flight with some tailwind.

patrick and me, we went to the einserkogel because harry told us there is a better launching zone.
patrik managed the launching also very good and had a lot of fun.
unfortunately i had some drizzel and my speedflyer gin yak 16.5m² got wet.
also the up wind got less and squally and from the other side of the mountain i had some tailwind. so i started one time and had to abort the launching.
i went back to the griesskarscharte and there i started my speedflyer on the steep snow. some sprint and Highty-tighty! I was flying. first over the griesskarsteig and i turned left to the almsee.
what a great feeling to speed up the yak. the landing was no problem.
Fortune favors the bold.
thx for the action day.
cya asap on the mountains 😉
have a nice week

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