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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Paragleiten Schoberstein (1285m)

June 5th, 2011

Hi extreme hot day walk and fly guys!
This day i walked up with florian from the gasthaus klausriegler to the schobersteinhaus. we did there some doping with cider and at half past 11 we started our paraglider and we found nice uplift winds. yessa.
my maximum altitude height level was 1966m then i decided to fly to losenstein to my home for lunch. it was not a big deal because of such good thermal winds. great.
thx for this great flight.
cya on the mountains

Speed Flying Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m)

May 29th, 2011

This Day we went Speedflying to the Grosser Pyhrgas in Spital.
there was a lot of new snow above 1700metres of altitude.
at the first flight i had north westerly wind at about 40km/h.
at the second walk i met 2 nice mountaineering girls with running shoes walking the hofersteig in the snow from freistadt. big respekt!!
first i thought 2 times must be enough, but i got a sms from patrick they wanted to do a flight together with me. so i flew down to the Pyhrgassattel and hiked up with the other summitsurfers a 3rd time to the summit. oh you can imagine my tired tighs…
martin flew with his parachute to spital and patrick and me we flew with our speedglider the hasenbergrinne downwards as fast as possible 😉
what a great flight together.
so speedflying alone makes half as much fun and togehter is the ulitimate experience.
have fun together and enjoy your life.

Speedflying Brotfall

September 13th, 2010

Hi altitude Speedflyer and Skyrunner!
Last weekend I went up with Patrick to the Großer Priel three times for speedflying…
On Saturday we hiked up in 3:30 to the mountain top at the grosser priel (2515m).
We had to wait three hours to get good visibility for a safe flight.
At 2pm we were lucky to start our speedflyer gin yak near the brotfall with some thermal upwind and some easterly wind.
We had a really great flight which took us 8mins to flew down to the jausenstation.
At the valley we decided to hike up a second time. At 6pm we flew down with less thermal upwind down to the Jausenstation Polsterstüberl.
We were lucky to manage a start, because first it seemed that we had to go downwards by feet because of some backwind.
With enough positive vibrations you can do nearly everything 😉
On Sunday we hiked up a third time to the brotfall.
It was a really wonderful great day for hiking on the mountains.
Harry was highly motivated and drunken of speed because we did a nice time with our gear up to the brotfall.
At 14:30 we helped martin to launch his “big” parachute. Martin will be the next speedflyer in our group I think. 😉
We had an amazing flight downwards to hinterstoder with some spirals and some other moves.
The barrel roll has to wait for the next time, when the air is not so stubborn, you know. 😉
Thx for the wonderful mountain weekend and see you on the mountains.

My first speedflying video!
Speedflying Dom 4545m

Walk and Fly Kleiner Priel

July 3rd, 2010

Hi mountaineers and parchute addicted people!
this day we (andi and me) drove to hinterstoder and hiked up with our parachute to the kleiner priel to 2136m above sealevel in 3:45 hrs.
What a hot and nice day.
We had some northerly wind and we startet to south, but it was no problem beside some rotor near the ridge.
i saw the spitzmauer and the grosser priel from a different view than normal! what a nice 31min. flight full of thermal action.
at the landing there was strong valley wind. take care of this wind!!
someone was not lucky and landed in the tree.
thanks for the great day!
cya on the mountains or in the air…
have a nice evening!

Paragliding Brandkogel

May 28th, 2010

Hi parachute addicts.
This day i went paragliding to ternberg.
we did 2 nice flights, one to the north side and one to the south side of the brandkogel.
unfortunately we had no thermal wind, but for me as a beginner i could really enjoy my first height flights…
ennstal is a great spot for paragliding.