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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein


November 6th, 2012

Hi extreme city visitors!
Last weekend Marlene and i drove flew to rome in italy.
We checked in at thursday in the san jouan guest house in the mazoni region.
At the evening we went out for walking around and visted the colloseum and the fontana di trevi by night.
what an amazing view…
after a great dinner we ended in our guest house.
on the next day we bought the rome pass for 30€, this cool because you can drive with the bus, metro and tramway for three days and visiting 2 sights are included.
so we visited the great colloseum and the pantheon. in the afternoon we visited the trastevere district.
on saturday we started very early in the morning and visited the forum romanum. you can feel the great history….
in the afternoon we went to the spanish stairs. there we found a lot of people there.
then we drove with the metro to the saint peter’S square. there we found a big queue who wants to get into the cathedral.
we managed to get into the cathedral at 4pm.
we ended the day after the dinner very early in our bed room because of the long walking…
that is another exhausting sport 😉
on sunday we went to the cupola of the saint peter’s dome. here you can see great views over rome.
there we could marvel at the frecce tricolori.
in the afternoon we visited the maxxi museum.
on monday our last day we visited in the morning the vatican museums.
that was a great ending for our trip to rome.
you can see such amazing frescos, especially in the sistine chapel.
thanks for this great trip in a very fascinating city of rome.
ciao bernhard

Shorttrip with friends in Romania

October 30th, 2012

Hi extreme want to know where the surprise weekend will get travellers!
Last weekend the vfek headquarter went on a short trip to romania.
this surprise tripe organised daniel, the others didn’t know where the trip will head on.
so it was very funny.
unfortunately a other trip member failed to get to the meeting point so we were only five people.
we flew to bucarest and with the train we drove to constanta on the black sea.
we slept at the eol777 hostel in constanta, which was very simple but a nice location to visit the city.
we had a great dinner in a fish restaurant at the harbour.
after some cocktails we eneded in our great rooms.
next day we did some walking through the city and to the beach. the beach was great for swimming and not so cold as i thought 😉
after a great afternoon we drove with the train back to constanta.
we did not do the same fault , when we didn’t bought any drinks and food for this long train trip.
there were no restaurant waggon on the romanian train.
but on this train trip back we wery fully equipped the the essential stuff 😉
back at bucarest we checked in into our hostel and enjoyed the nightlife in this great city.
it’s also called the paris of the eastern.
on saturday we did 2 hours of paintball in the afternoon and then we drove back for jumping into nightlife again.
on sunday we got up and after breakfast we drove back to the airport.
thanks for this great vfek surprise holiday.
we had lot of fun in an amazing area.
a nice country to visit to overcome prejudices..
cya in tome the next weekend

Tandem Paragliding Mittagskogel (2041m)

October 21st, 2012

reschpekt extreme walk and fly addicts!
this day phil, floh, matthias, daniel, reinhard and bernhard drove to the buchauer sattel to hike up the mittagskogel in the gesäuse.
at the start we had 2.5 °C outside temperature and foggy windy weather…
but after 50m of altitude difference we reached the sunny side of the mountain. yihhaaa
then we enjoyed the walking up…
at the grabneralm haus we had coffee time and while we have walked to the admonter haus i med adolf weissensteiner.
this guy is called here mr himalaya, because he has done many expeditions. he did a first mountaineering to Dhaulagiri II.
He packed into his backpack some wood for the hut.
this men is great!!
nice to meet you.
at the admonter haus we had our lunch time and after this break we headed up to the summit at the mittagskogel (2041m). we had a really amazing view around this mountain!!
but the launching conditions seemed perfect so the big mamma started their engine and flew down to weng with floh.
he enjoyed his first tandem flight…
this was a super little bit strange feeling he told me after the landing ;))
thanks for this great tour with nice young people.

Speedflying Grosser Priel (2515m)

October 20th, 2012

Hi extreme golden autumn lovers!
yesterday marlene, franz and me drove to hinterstoder and hiked up to the prielschutzhaus.
we had a nice dinner and we slept really good.
this day we had 18°C outside temperature in the morning.
it was so warm….
we hiked up on the normal route to the grosser priel.
at 11:30 we reached the summit and enjoyed a great view even to the grosser venediger! it was amazing!
then we hiked downwards to the brotfallscharte.
i hiked up to my launching place and flew with my speedglider swing spitfire 11 down to the polsterstüberl!
thanks for this great flight and great time.
cya on the hot mountains.

Grosser Buchstein (2224m) Via Ferrata Southwall

September 30th, 2012

Hi extreme mountain hut chillers!
This weekend some working colleagues from engel and i went to gstatterboden for hiking up to the buchstein hut.
there we enjoyed nice dinner with wild pig ragout 😉
on saturday morning we hiked up to the beginning of the via ferrata southwall.
unfortunately we had some drizzle. but the group decided to go the via ferrata.
after some minutes we were lucky that the drizzle rain stopped.
and the mood of the via ferrata beginners started to get into a more or less comfort feeling 😉
at the mountain top we enjoyed a great view around the gesäuse.
after a break we hiked downwards on the normal route to the buchstein hut and filled up our electrolyte storages 😉
after 2 hours walking down to gstatterboden we wery lucky to sit into the car..
thanks for this great weekend in the gesäuse.
cya on the mountains

Speedflying Grimming (2351m)

September 24th, 2012

Hi extreme ski jumpers!
Last day summitsurfer tom, stepan and me drove to niederstuttern for hiking up the grimming and speedflying down to kulm.
First we hiked up to the multereck where tom was able to start in south easterly direction to the parking lot.
stepan and i decided to go to the summit of the grimming and start to the west because of much westerly wind.
at the top we enjoyed the amazing surrounding.
at 3pm after long searching where the best starting place could be we launched our speedglider and flew down to kulm.
i was able to flew over the skiflying hill kulm.
the persons at the landing place thought, i was going on a mushroom foray 😉
thanks for this nice day in the aussee area..

Tandem Walk and Fly Schafberg (1782m)

August 20th, 2012

Hi extreme summer retreatment people.
Last weekend Summitsurfer Patrick and I hiked up to the Schafberg from the Fürberg beach in st. gilgen.
we needed 3 hours with our big mama.
the view from the top of the schafberg was so amazing.
the paragliders philipp and jens joined us at the top. they drove up with the schafbergbahn.
We visited the mountain mass “Schafbergmesse” at 11am and at midday we couldn’t wait anymore and patrick and i started the big mama (tandem parachute) and flew to sankt gilgen.
we were not happy to exaggerate the mountain top but had a really great flight with our buddys.
Then we hiked of the falkenstein back to the fürberg were we did a relaxing swimming.
but after a while we moved to sankt gilgen and drove up with the 12er Horn to the 12er Horn (1522m).
Patrick and i did a nice Zero wind start with the big mama glider and finally enjoyed a 30 minutes flight in this amazing stunning area.
thanks for this wonderfull weekend and cya at the beach…

Holiday in Switzerland

August 14th, 2012

Hi extreme chillers!
last week marlene and i drove to switzerland for vacation!
first day we did a hiking tour to the jakobshorn (2950m).
then we drove to grindelwald near the eiger, mönch and jungfrau.
what a wonderful region!
we drove with the cable car to the top of the first and hiked up 2 hours. there we started the schwarzhorn via ferrata. it is very nice for getting started into the via ferrata climbing.
unfortunately at the top of the schwarzhorn(2928m) our mountain was covered. but after the lunch we hiked down to the first cable car station. mike an english 75 years old guy introduced us the grindelwald flying region. marlene and i did a tandem parachute flight in front of the eiger. what a great amazing flight we had. 😉
on wednesday we took the famous jungfraubahn to alpiglen and hiked up to the northwall of the eiger. there we could see many wingsuitflyers flying down from the mushroom on eiger.
i took many pictures from the northwall of the eiger. so if someone wanted to climb this famous mountain just give me an email. i will send you the detailed pictures.
in the evening we drove to lauterbrunnen to the schützenbach camping whích was very quit.
the crazy thing there is the valley has 72 waterfalls and it is famous for their bigwalls for basejumping and speedflying.
on thursday we took the cablecar to mürren and we climbed the via ferrata mürren
There were 3 very nice outstanding views on this tour and we had to pass the via ferrata exit.
after coffee time we flew with the tandem parachute back to the valley.
near the cable car we met speedflyer alastair(can) and eva (d) and kevin and peter (ch). on the next day i, marlene, alainstair and eva drove to mülenen. we went by cable car up to the niesen(2362m). alainstair and i had a great flight downwards after a traverse and some seconds through the clouds with our speedgliders.
then we drove to the interlaken for beaching at the thuner see.
at the evening we visited a slideshow from the mustagh ata expedtion last year from bruno petroni. i met there also wilhelm and xaver. btw: thanks for the great reunion 😉
on saturday we drove to luzern. here we hiked up with the wannabe swiss guy daniel to the pilatus. there you could see six lakes near luzern. what a wonderful place. i was lucky to start my spitfire on the esel (2119m) and flew down to the vierwaldstätter see.
thanks to dani for his warm welcome in his appartment.
on sunday we some tourist walks in the nice city luzern.
thanks for this great holiday in switzerland!
griazi miteinand!
thanks for this speedy flight.

Speedflying Pribitz and Messnerin at Grüner See

August 3rd, 2012

Hi extreme fullmoomspeedflyerwashers.
Last two days summit surfers patrick, bernhard, tina and marlene drove to tragöss for hiking and speedflying the pribitz and messnerin.
we did one flight (in)to the grüner see and after drying our glider we hiked a second time to the summit of the pribitz.
we did a bbq at the pribitz(1579m) with the best sausages – the käsekrainer. 😉
the fullmoon was shining at our basecamp.
so we had wonderful views to the grüner see.
on the next morning the fullmon got down in the western side and the sun rises up at eastern side.
so we very so lucky to get the first sun rays. yihaaa.
sleeping in such a beautiful area without a house or tent is a great thing.
just give it a try.
patrick and me did a good morning flight into the grüner see which was excellent for getting a beautiful holiday started.
then we hiked up to the messnerin (1835m) where we looked for some great speedflying rides. but the wind was southerly so we flew down to the parking lot to the southern direction. we did some great relative flights. thanks for this great feeling.
This area i can recommend for a trip!
have much fun and enjoy your holidays.

Interview on Newstria

July 24th, 2012

Hi extreme story tellers!
Last week, Newstria published an interview from me.
Thanks for the story.
cya bernhard