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Aktivitäten von Gruber Bernhard Losenstein

Speedflying Pribitz (Grüner See)

July 8th, 2012

hi extreme wannabe swoopers – you know what i mean 😉
this day aichi marlene and i drove to tragöss in styria for hiking to the pribitz (1579m)
we have done many scuba divers there but we never took the chance to hike up to the mountain and get an overview!
and it was really worth it. thanks for this great day to the great nature and people around there!
i had a lot of fun to start my speed glider swing spitfire 11. i had to do a cliff jump! i can only recommend experienced speed flyers this location! you need some balls! big ones ;))
cya in the air or water as soon as possible ;))
cya bernhard

Climbing Iron Rope Postalmklettersteig

July 1st, 2012

Hi extreme bizeps shapers!
yesterday marlene and i drove to strobl in the salzkammergut for climbing the postalmklettersteig.
at the beginning we had a lot of thrill and after the gatt jump we had also a lot of fun in the canyon. 😉
i can recommend this tour for everyone who has more experience then normal and is in good physical and mental condition.
thx for this hot day in the canyon.
have a nice week.
cya bernhard

Deepwatersoloing Kletterkompetenzzentrum Camp Sibley

June 20th, 2012

Hi extreme deepest boulderers!
Last day, we had the first sunset deepwatersoloing at the kletterkompetenzzentrum camp sibley
we had tons of fun bouldering the 5m wall up an jumping into the warm fresh water!!
muhaa thanks for this great evening!!
cya over, or on the water…

Hiking Grabnerstein (1847m)

June 17th, 2012

Hi extreme desert hikers!
Yesterday me, marlene, her brother gregor and my parents-in-law did a hiking tour from the buchauer sattel to the grabnerstein in the steiermark.
thats the greatest flower mountain in steiermark.
you can see a lot of jagabluat, jagarausch, enzian, narzissen, erika, trollflowers and so on…
at the summit we had a nice view to the gesäuse and haller mauern and dachstein.
after two years of not walking down a mountain i did it again. ooops …
my legs said to me walking down a mountain is not a good idea for my body. so next time i take my good stuff with me and have more fun ;))
cya on the hottest mountains in austria

Steyrtalbahn and cycling to Steyr with Kilian and Laura

June 4th, 2012

Hi extreme race across steyr kiddys!
last sunday marlene, kilian and laura and me did a cycling tour from grünburg to steyr.
we took the old steyrtalbahn (from 1889) from steyr to grünburg.
it was a great ride with lots of action.
in grünburg we jumped onto our bikes and started to steinbach to visit my cousin manfred. he and his wife christa built a nice house. after a drink we went ahead to steyr.
first we had to cycle up a little bit but then we were happy to cycle downwards to the city steyr. in rosenegg we made a campfire. the nürnberger sausages tasted everyone very well.
after an ice kilian and me we rode along the steyr in meadow which was very great.
the girls did the short way but they arrived 100m’s behind us at our goal.
after a strawberry picking session we went tired to bed.
thanks for this funny day.
see you at the mountains

Speedriding Courmayeur Mont Blanc Italy

May 12th, 2012

On the last day of our chamonix trip the summit surfers went to the south side of mount blanc to Courmayeur in Italy because of too much wind (fön) at the northern side.
First we drove up with the cable car to the punta heilbronner (3462m). unfortunately there was too much southerly fön wind. so we drove down to the middle station and we were happy to do 5 flights starting on snow and landing on gras field. what a great day!
thanks for this nice trip to the other side of mount blanc.
they are building a new cable car. so i think it will get much more interesting in the future for sure.

Kiting Le Tour

April 26th, 2012

This day we did a ski mountaineering tour from le tour(1462m) to the col de balme (2270m). Because of wind from the wrong direction we decided to ski down to plan des reines where we had nice conditions beside the warm snow to do kiting with our speed glider. there we also discovered the Emosson Dam in switzerland. philipp wanted do do a basejump in the next future…
lets see.
thanks for the nice action day.

Speedriding Aiguille du Midi

April 23rd, 2012

This day we were happy to do two flights with our speedglider down from the aiguille du midi(3842m) in chamonix.
We met paddy from uk and so we had a “local” guy who should us the lines here. thanks for the great support!! you are welcome to join us in austria for some speed riding!!
so the summit surfers had 2 amazing flights in the valle blanche over the Refuge du Requin(2516m). we landed at the mere the glace and skied down to the end of the glacier were we used the cable car up to montenvers. there its possible to get down by rack railway to chamonix.
thanks for this great wonderful day.

Skiing Grand Montets in Chamonix

April 23rd, 2012

Speedriding Bischling

April 1st, 2012

Hi extreme wannabe heros!
this day the summitsurfers team consisting of patrick, tom, stefan and me we drove to werfenweng for speedriding and speedflying the bischling!
we had a really great day and managed up to 19 flights!
for me it was only possible to start and land by skies, because starting the speedglider by feet i have to wait some months.
but i do a lot of training. now i am able to run about 12km/h.
so i need a little bit more speed.
but i felt good to fly and do our homework like d.k. says…
cya in the air and have nice easter holidays